For Today, Hooray!

by | Mar 22, 2010 | ACA

Your hard work is paying off. Last night, the House of Representatives said ‘yes’ to improving health care in our country.

Because of this historic vote, America’s women and families are one huge step closer to getting the health reform they need.

Every person who has been unable to afford health coverage won today.

Every woman who was overcharged because of her gender won today.

Every person who has been denied coverage because of age or health status won today.

Every caregiver who struggles to navigate a fragmented, uncoordinated system won today.

But the real victory will come when the Senate passes reconciliation, and the President signs this final element of health reform into law. Only then will the nation begin reaping the rewards from this historic legislation.

The end is now in sight, but we need the Senate to get us to the finish line.

Urge your Senators to waste no time passing health reform reconciliation!

And once that work is done, you and I will insist that Congress take the necessary steps to reverse the appalling anti-choice provisions contained in health reform and render the President’s Executive Order null and void.

With your help, we will not rest until women have access to the full range of reproductive health services they need.

But for today…hooray!