Racial Equity

To fulfill our mission, we must promote racial equity and combat white supremacy.

We recognize the need to look inside our own organization to ensure that we intentionally promote racial equity and combat white supremacy, along with all forms of racism, discrimination and oppression.

We know that we have been complicit in upholding the status quo. Knowing this, we cannot continue to pursue our work in a race-neutral way. Therefore, we are interrupting our past behavior and taking intentional and significant steps to transform the National Partnership to live our values both internally and externally.

As we work toward creating a more equitable country — where all women can thrive regardless of their race, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation or ability — we must live the values for which we advocate.

We are motivated by the following factors to make these changes:

  • Policy solutions must address the roots of structural and systemic racism.
  • Policies that do not recognize the impact of intersecting identities and compounded discrimination are incomplete and will not close the gaps between women of color and white women.
  • Lived experience and diverse perspectives are needed to shape our work.
  • As a well-respected organization with financial and reputational resources, we have an obligation to center, listen to, and learn from women of color.
  • White supremacy fosters toxic work environments.

Group of people activists protesting on streets, women march and demonstration concept.

Learn more about the National Partnership’s commitment to racial equity and internal change by exploring the content below.

By undergoing this intense internal transformation, we hope to become better partners to other organizations and a better voice for those women who most need to be heard. This space on NationalPartnership.org is dedicated to our internal racial equity work, and it will continue to evolve as we do.