Life and Legacy of Ted Kennedy

by | Aug 29, 2009 | Other

Here at the National Partnership, we are grieving the loss of our good friend and supporter Ted Kennedy.

Tomorrow, we join you in celebrating his life and legacy.

I had the privilege of working closely with Senator Kennedy for many years, and feel his absence keenly. The public outcry of grief and remembrance is both touching and fitting for his incredible service to our nation.

Senator Kennedy’s legislative legacy will never be rivaled, and yet it saddens me that the public policy closest to his heart, which he called the ’cause of his life,’ was not finished before he left us.

So in this time of sadness and reflection, I encourage you to take a moment and recommit yourself to fighting for meaningful health insurance reform, one of the most important legislative challenges of our time.

You can start by sharing your story. We all have one.

Do you think we need health insurance reform, or is the status quo okay? What changes are needed to help you or your family? Are you happy with your existing insurance plan? Do you know friends or neighbors without coverage? Has the health care system failed you or a loved one?

Senator Kennedy shared his story with us during decades of public service, and I believe the greatest tribute we can pay him is to redouble our efforts to see his vision for universal health care become reality.

It’s a worthy ambition, so roll up your sleeves. You won’t regret it.

Share your story today.