In Seattle, an Exciting New Reason to Celebrate this Labor Day

by | Sep 1, 2012 | Paid Sick Days

As of today, Seattle is the third city in the nation to guarantee workers the right to earn paid sick days — and that means working families in the city can add paid sick days to their reasons to celebrate this Labor Day.

Last September, thanks to an unprecedented, collaborative effort on the part of workers, businesses and lawmakers in the city, the Seattle City Council passed a paid sick days standard. Soon after, the mayor signed it. And today, it officially took effect.

Now, nearly 190,000 Seattle workers no longer have to choose between taking the time off they need to recover from common illnesses or care for a sick family member and their jobs. It is a historic day for Seattle and for workers across the country.

This groundbreaking victory adds to the growing support and momentum for paid sick days we’re seeing in New York City; Orange County, Florida; and more than 20 other states and cities across the country. Today is a great day — and just the beginning. We will continue to advance paid sick days until no worker has to suffer without them.

Happy Labor Day, and congratulations to the Seattle Coalition for a Healthy Workforce and all the workers, businesses and lawmakers who made this victory possible.