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‘Discriminatory, Damaging’ Contraceptive Coverage Rules Would ‘Take Us Back in Time, Harm Women’s Health’

“The interim final rules released by the Trump administration today are a discriminatory, damaging attack on women’s health and economic security. They fundamentally undermine the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) guarantee of copay-free birth control coverage, which has supported more than 60 million women, by allowing employers to deny women this critical benefit. They would take us back in time to when women had to choose between paying for birth control and paying off their student loans.

This is just the latest in the Trump administration’s ongoing assault on women’s health, civil rights and equal justice. The President continues to push Congress to repeal the ACA, gut Medicaid and defund Planned Parenthood while stacking his administration with dangerous anti-science, anti-women’s health extremists hell-bent on decimating women’s reproductive rights. But, rest assured, as we did throughout Congress’ repeated attempts to repeal the ACA this year, we will make sure the Trump administration hears women and families loud and clear when we say these rules are unacceptable and must be withdrawn. We will continue resisting every attempt to reverse our nation’s progress toward equity and economic security for all.”

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