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Seven Reasons Confirming Brett Kavanaugh Would Harm Women

Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation by the United States Senate would be a tremendous and enduring setback for women, and for all who care about protecting women’s health and rights, including access to abortion care; ending discrimination of all kinds; safeguarding the rights of workers; and preserving other essential rights and freedoms. That is the conclusion of a new fact sheet, published by the National Partnership for Women & Families, that details the threat posed by confirmation of President Trump’s nominee. The fact sheet looks at Judge Kavanaugh’s record, positions and public statements on:

  • Abortion Rights, concluding President Trump nominated Kavanaugh because he expects him to overturn Roe v. Wade; and that Kavanaugh would do grave damage to women’s access to safe, legal abortion, denying women autonomy over their bodies, lives and futures.
  • Health Care, noting the nominee’s open criticism of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and of Chief Justice Roberts’ decision to uphold it. Losing the ACA would mean women could once again be charged more than men for the same insurance and that essential protections, including coverage for people with pre-existing conditions and for maternity care, would likely be lost.
  • Allowing Religious Liberty to Undermine People’s Rights, describing Kavanaugh’s judicial philosophy, which holds that the personal beliefs of some should be allowed to undermine the rights and dominate the lives of others. Kavanaugh would grant a license to discriminate against women and LGBTQ people in ways that, among other things, allow employers to override employees’ access to birth control.
  • Workers’ Rights, detailing the many times Kavanaugh has sided against workers and the agencies charged with protecting them when discrimination occurred, worker safety was at risk and essential collective bargaining rights were denied. Kavanaugh’s confirmation, the fact sheet warns, would strengthen the power of corporations and further jeopardize the safety and dignity of workers.
  • Big Business and the Environment, recounting some of the many instances in which Kavanaugh has sided with big business in ways that would undermine laws protecting the health and economic security of women and families, including by shielding polluters and opposing Environmental Protection Agency regulations.
  • Gun Violence, reporting on Kavanaugh’s votes and dissents that reject the idea that public safety should be considered when ruling on guns — an especially important issue to women in the United States, who are 16 times more likely to be killed by guns than women in other developed countries.
  • Presidential Power, warning that in personal writings and public comments, Kavanaugh has repeatedly demonstrated that he will not stand up to President Trump or recognize the essential role the Supreme Court plays in checking presidential power, as is essential to our constitutional system of checks and balances.

“This fact sheet makes clear that Judge Kavanaugh is wrong for the Court,” said National Partnership President Debra L. Ness. “He has ruled in favor of allowing the government to continue blocking the abortion of a young immigrant woman; he favors allowing employers’ religious beliefs to override women’s right to birth control coverage; and he sided with those who discriminate against employees in several cases. His statements that suggest he considers the president to be above the law are especially chilling at this moment in history.”

“Most people in this country oppose President Trump’s sexist, racist, anti-immigrant, anti-worker agenda and we also oppose confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, who would represent Trump’s views on the Supreme Court for decades,” Ness added. “Any vote to confirm Kavanaugh is a vote against women’s rights, health, dignity and autonomy, and against civil rights, workers’ rights and immigrants’ rights. It is a vote for the wealthy and powerful and against the rest of us. The Senate must refuse to confirm him.”

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