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The Health of Women and Families Will be at Stake When U.S. Supreme Court Hears ‘King v. Burwell’

“The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to consider King v. Burwell means that women and families across the country will have their health and their economic security on the line once again. Today’s announcement is a stark reminder that our basic right to health care remains tenuous and under attack. The opponents of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) who are pursuing this case clearly care little for the millions of Americans who have been suffering without health insurance coverage for years.

The federal marketplace is making comprehensive health coverage available to millions of enrollees. Thanks to financial assistance made available under the ACA, women, men and children are now getting the preventive, primary and acute care they urgently need – some for the first time. Prohibiting the administration of premium subsidies through the federal marketplace would endanger the health of millions and put lives at risk. Without access to premium assistance, women would no longer be able to afford mammograms, patients with chronic conditions would go without treatment, and people would enter hospitals sicker and in need of more costly care than would otherwise be the case.

This case poses a direct threat to the health insurance subsidies on which millions of low- and middle-income Americans in 36 states rely. To limit subsidies to state-based marketplaces would force patients and families to go without the care they need and cause health care costs to rise dramatically. Congress’s intent when passing the Affordable Care Act was clear then and is clear today: quality, comprehensive health coverage should be affordable for all. We trust that the Supreme Court will respect the integrity of the law and preserve access to affordable coverage and care.”

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