Big Step Forward in Florida!

| Aug 21, 2012

Late last week, a broad coalition of workers, businesses, unions and advocates in Orange County, Florida, celebrated a significant victory in the effort to secure an earned paid sick days standard for the county. After months of gathering petition signatures from voters who support a proposal to guarantee workers the right to earn paid sick days, the measure was certified for the November ballot. As Marlon Washington, chair of Citizens for a Greater Orange County, said:

Today’s announcement that the Earned Sick Time initiative has been certified for the November ballot is great news for Orange County’s economy and health. This common sense proposal will help keep good workers in their jobs, give families financial stability, increase the economic security of our county and protect our health and safety.”

This victory is a big step forward for the Orange County earned sick time coalition. Now, Orange County voters will have the chance to consider this common sense measure and make Orange Country the first municipality in Florida to provide workers the basic right to earn paid sick days. Stay tuned as the campaign continues!