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20-Week Abortion Ban, Passed by House Subcommittee Today, Would Imperil Women’s Health

“In passing dangerous, unconstitutional legislation that would ban all abortions after 20 weeks in the United States, the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice today put the interests of the radical anti-choice minority ahead of women’s health. If it became law, this bill would imperil women’s health, impose criminal and civil penalties on their doctors, and put vulnerable women at serious risk.

Attempting to ban this medical procedure in the District of Columbia last year demonstrated callous disregard for D.C. women’s health and an appalling intrusion on the District’s sovereignty. It is even worse to extend it nationwide. It is especially troubling that the bill the Subcommittee passed today includes no exception to the abortion ban when a woman’s health is in grave danger.

Rep. Franks knows full well that the legislation he is championing is unconstitutional. Anyone who thought the House’s war on women was over got a wake-up call today. We urge the full Judiciary Committee to reject this harmful legislation. Women’s health and women’s lives should be the paramount concern for lawmakers.”

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