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Momentum Toward National Paid Sick Days Continues as Maine Enacts Statewide Law

“Today marks a victory for family friendly policies as Maine becomes the 11th state and 34th jurisdiction to enact a paid sick days law. With the stroke of Gov. Janet Mill’s pen, 85 percent of Maine’s workforce will soon have the ability to earn paid sick days, including nearly 140,000 workers who previously did not have this protection. Once in effect, the law will help to improve the health and economic stability of Mainers.

The evidence from the localities that have passed paid sick days laws is clear. Communities and families are healthier, and local businesses and economies are stronger when people have paid time away from work to recover from the flu, seek preventive care or attend to a sick child.

We applaud Maine People’s Alliance, Maine Women’s Lobby, Southern Maine Workers’ Center and state Senator Rebecca Millett for championing working families in the state, and we now look to Congress to follow their lead. Despite the benefits of paid sick days, more than 34 million private sector workers still cannot earn a single paid sick day. Members of Congress should support and pass the Healthy Families Act, a national paid sick days standard that would ensure that no working person has to sacrifice a paycheck or a job to care for themselves or a loved one.”

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