Press Statement
White House Gender Policy Council Is Critical to Helping Women Achieve Equity

“This International Women’s Day, President Biden took a huge step forward for the rights of all women in creating the White House Gender Policy Council. We commend his efforts as he seeks to combat the historic discrimination and bias that have caused major setbacks for women both domestically and abroad.”

“From day one, we’ve seen the White House prioritize its commitment to shaping policies that address gender and race equity, and the Council is the latest, historic step. This Council aims to move beyond silos, using an intersectional approach to intentionally address the systemic ways government policies impact women’s lives and opportunities. It is a new and powerful entity with the full force of the administration ensuring its ability to make change.”

“We’ve seen how creating a social infrastructure that prioritizes women benefits everyone. When women have the resources they need to fully participate in the workforce, while also caring for their loved ones, it benefits our entire economy.”

“Led by longtime champions of women’s rights and equity, this Council will ensure that the critical needs of all women and families are met so that everyone succeeds. Julissa Reynoso, Jennifer Klein and Shilpa Phadke have been leaders and trusted partners that advocate for the betterment of women and girls. Their work not only sparks enthusiasm, but also an assurance of the work being done.”

“During a time when women are facing a global pandemic, systemic racism and challenges to stay in the workplace, the Biden-Harris administration knows how we must move this nation forward. This administration understands that we must dismantle the barriers that hold us back. We applaud their commitment and action, and we stand ready to work with them to build a better future.”

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