Bloomberg’s Veto Will Not Stop Paid Sick Days in New York City

| Jun 14, 2013

Today, despite the tremendous benefits paid sick days would have for the city’s working families, businesses, economy and public health, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg vetoed the paid sick days bill passed by the City Council last month. As National Partnership President Debra Ness said, the move was “short-sighted and the City Council should act quickly to make its effect short-lived.”

Fortunately, the City Council is poised to do just that. It voted 43-5 to approve the measure — a majority large enough to override the mayor’s veto. When it does and this law takes full effect, approximately one million New Yorkers will be able to earn the paid sick days they need and deserve. And New York City will be the fifth city to pave the way for all workers in this county to have this common sense right.