Denver, Seattle Make Headlines on Paid Sick Days

by | Aug 12, 2011 | Paid Sick Days

Advocates throughout the country are keeping up the drumbeat for paid sick days this summer! Already this month, campaigns in Denver and Seattle have made exciting progress.

On August 1st in Denver, where workers and advocates have been collecting signatures in support of a paid sick days ballot initiative since early June, the City Clerk declared that a sufficient number of signatures had been submitted to qualify the paid sick days initiative for placement on the November ballot. The victory is far from surprising, considering more than 12,500 signatures were submitted (more than three times the number required) and recent polls have shown that two-thirds of Denver voters support the proposal. Congrats to Denver workers, their families and the Campaign for a Healthy Denver. Your great work is starting to pay off!

Seattle’s proposed paid sick days ordinance, which was drafted in cooperation with local small business owners, continues to gain support — from the public, Seattle’s mayor, Washington economists, many city council members and local small businesses. In a promising victory on August 10th, the City Council’s Housing, Human Services, Health and Culture Committee passed an amended version of the ordinance in a 4-to-1 vote, officially sending it to the full City Council for consideration. Its vote is expected on September 12th. Congrats to the Seattle Coalition for a Healthy Workforce on a creative and effective campaign!

Stay tuned for more news on these paid sick days efforts in the coming months as the Seattle City Council votes and Denver’s municipal election moves forward.