Dispatch from Denver: Winter Wonderland

| Oct 27, 2011

Hi, all. It’s Helen, work and family policy associate at the National Partnership. I arrived in Denver on Wednesday just hours before the city was hit with its first snowfall of the year. Check out this photo of the scene outside the front door of the kind folks who put me up!

Katie and I spent most of the day delivering yard signs to supporters of Initiative 300. We drove all over Denver — luckily the roads were clear of snow — and got to check out some beautiful neighborhoods. It was gratifying to turn down a street and see “YES on 300” signs already on display in front yards, thanks to the good work of Sara, Rachel and the other Campaign for a Healthy Denver volunteers. And even though Election Day is only a few days away, the yard sign requests are still coming in!

That’s because Denver families know that a paid sick days standard makes sense. People in all kinds of jobs, at all income levels, and with diverse political affiliations agree that it’s the right thing to do for the city when they hear that more than 107,000 Denver workers — and 74 percent of restaurant workers — are currently struggling without a single paid sick day. Despite the well-funded, highly visible opposition campaign, seeing “YES on 300” signs in the snow-covered yards of supporters gives me hope that we’re getting through.