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State Abortion Bans Harm More Than 15 Million Women of Color

ISSUE BRIEF | Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization is a decision that is about access to essential healthcare, but also much more than that. It is, at its core, a decision — deeply rooted in sexism and racism — about the role women and people who can become...

Improving Our Maternity Care Now Through Midwifery

This report outlines the evidence that supports midwifery’s unique value across different communities, the safety and effectiveness of midwifery care in improving maternal and infant outcomes, the interest of birthing people in midwifery care, and the current...

Racism Hurts Moms and Babies

Public awareness about the devastating impacts of systemic and interpersonal racism has increased sharply with the escalation of racist violence and the COVID-19 pandemic’s disparate impact on communities of color.