paid sick days

The Healthy Families Act Fact Sheet

FACT SHEET | The Healthy Families Act would set a national paid sick days standard – a critical step toward meeting the health and financial needs of working families.

Paid Sick Days Are Good for Business

FACT SHEET | Businesses benefit when their employees have access to paid sick days. When sick workers are able to stay home, the spread of disease slows and workplaces are both healthier and more productive. Plus, workers recover faster from illness and obtain timely...

Back to School Sample Letter to an Elected Official

Dear Elected Official, As our state approaches back-to-school and flu season, I want to call your attention to the state’s failure to put in place a paid sick days standard – and the very real threat that poses to the health of our children, schools and communities...

Paid Sick Days Policy Metrics

POLICY METRICS | These metrics present the aspects of paid sick days policies that will have the most impact on whether workers in low-wage jobs are covered by and can utilize the laws’ protections.

El Acta de Familias Saludables Hoja Informativa

HOJA INFORMATIVA | El Acta de Familias Saludables establecería un estándar nacional de días pagados por enfermedad – un paso crítico para satisfacer las necesidades financieras y de salud de las familias trabajadoras.