Back-to-School Toolkit

Parents have been going nonstop since the pandemic began.

COVID won't slow down. Monkeypox is causing new worries and anxiety. The price of seemingly every basic necessity is up. And with back to school season upon us, many parents across the country will once again face the reality that they have to sacrifice vital income just to stay home if their child gets sick – or care for themselves if their kids bring home an illness. On top of that, teachers without paid sick days are worried about whether they can keep themselves and their students safe from infection – and many are coming to the conclusion that they can't.

We've been working to fix this – and now we're calling on you.

Parents, grandparents, caregivers, school staff and community advocates, we need your help now more than ever.

How? It's simple.

Get involved in the fight for paid sick days

1. Use our resources and get the word out to your lawmakers.

2. Get other parents involved.

  • Use these suggested Talking Points and Questions for PTA Meetings & Parent/School Gatherings (Word | PDF)

3. Follow us on social media, for easy ways to help us fight for policies that matter to you and your family.

Get informed about paid sick days