Election 2012: Women and Families Need Full Implementation of Health Reform

by | Nov 9, 2012 | ACA

One of the certainties coming out of this week’s election is that health care reform is moving forward. And it’s about time. With millions of women and families counting on the Affordable Care Act’s promise of access to quality health care, we can’t afford any more delays or roadblocks.

Women fought hard for passage of the legislation. We held our collective breath until the Supreme Court ruled the new law constitutional. And a vast number of women cast their votes to ensure that there would be an Administration and Congress that would continue to move health reform forward.

With the election behind us, it’s time to turn back to the task of making sure the elements of health reform so critical for women are implemented fully and soon. These include provisions that ensure women don’t have to pay more for insurance simply because of gender, protect women from being denied health coverage if we get sick or have pre-existing conditions, and make coverage more affordable through subsidies for women who lack employer-sponsored health insurance.

Unfortunately, we know there will be further attempts to de-rail implementation by opponents in Congress. Some members remain determined to repeal the law. We have a clear message from voters now that they don’t want that. Efforts to repeal or undermine the law should be swiftly and decisively rebuffed.

Women sent a clear message in this election – health care matters to us and there is no going back. The Affordable Care Act must move forward.

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