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‘Senators Turned Their Backs on Workers’ By Confirming Scalia, Women’s Leader Says

“Today 53 senators turned their backs on workers by voting to confirm Eugene Scalia as our nation’s next labor secretary. President Trump’s third nominee and second labor secretary in just over two and a half years is every bit as terrible for working people as his previous choices. This comes as no surprise since the current administration has consistently aligned with corporate interests on tax law, judicial nominations, federal regulations and more.

The president also continues to nominate labor secretaries who are a danger to the well-being of women. His first nominee, Andrew Puzder, withdrew after allegations regarding domestic abuse, and former Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta resigned after revelations about his disgraceful handling of a plea deal involving sex trafficking of minors. Scalia has previously expressed extremely troubling views on workplace sexual harassment and has defended employers who allegedly denied women equal access to overtime shifts.

While we are discouraged that the Senate has confirmed a nominee who has spent his career working against the rights of working people to extend corporate and employer power, the National Partnership and its allies remain committed to ensuring the Department of Labor upholds its mission of protecting wage earners, job seekers and retirees, and holding employers accountable.”

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