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Women’s Health Leader Calls Challengers in King v. Burwell ‘Politically Motivated and Utterly Irresponsible,’ Warns Women Would Be Hurt Most by Adverse U.S. Supreme Court Ruling

“Americans have a tremendous amount at stake as the U.S. Supreme Court considers King v. Burwell. If the Court rules to eliminate tax credits from the federal marketplace, more than 8 million people will lose their health coverage and premiums could spike for millions more. This case poses a direct threat to the health insurance subsidies that make coverage affordable for Americans in 36 states and the District of Columbia.

An adverse decision here would bring chaos to our health care system. Women, who are 55 percent of those purchasing coverage through the federal marketplace, would be hurt the most. Without tax credits, women would no longer be able to afford mammograms, patients with chronic conditions would go without treatment, and people would enter hospitals sicker and needing more costly care than would otherwise be the case.

Our basic right to affordable health care is under relentless attack, in Congress and the courts, by callous extremists who care nothing about the people their actions will harm. This case is politically motivated and utterly irresponsible. It is entirely clear that the intent of Congress was to make premium tax credits available to women and families in every state, and that the country is better off because the law did just that. The Supreme Court should reject the challengers’ specious arguments.

The Affordable Care Act is the greatest advance for women’s health in a generation. It is a strong, sound law that is making the country stronger, healthier and more economically secure. We trust that the justices will rule for the government in this case. Millions of Americans will suffer if they do not.”

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