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Women’s Leader Praises White House for Recognizing ‘Champions of Change’ for Working Families

“This week, the country focused on families’ economic security and the need for fair wages on Equal Pay Day and around the push to raise the minimum wage. We are especially grateful that President Obama and members of his administration spoke out so strongly for fair wages and an end to discrimination in our workplaces. The administration will do even more this afternoon at the White House’s Champions of Change for Working Families event in Washington, D.C., which will recognize individuals who are helping drive the policy changes working families need. Their efforts have contributed to a unique moment in this country, when momentum is growing to advance fair and family friendly workplace policies and lasting change is finally on the horizon.

Each champion who will be featured today exemplifies the recent victories and progress we have seen in advancing fair pay, paid sick days, paid family and medical leave and protections for pregnant workers at the state and local levels. From determined workers and employers to longtime advocates to forward-thinking business leaders, these are truly some of today’s champions of change for working families. They, and the Obama administration itself, deserve much praise for their efforts to give all hardworking people in this country a fair shot.

At the National Partnership, we are thrilled to see so many tremendous allies recognized for their unwavering commitment to building a more fair and family friendly America. Women are disproportionately harmed by our nation’s failure to update its workplace policies. But state and local victories and employers’ policy changes are paving the way for a future where women – and all workers – no longer have to choose between job and family. We look forward to continuing to work with champions at all levels to keep the change coming.”

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