Paid Leave and The Raising of America

by | Nov 19, 2015 | Paid Leave

Why do we, as a nation, make it so difficult for our children to thrive? How can we do better? These are the important questions asked in a powerful new documentary called The Raising of America. The film expertly weaves together personal stories, scientific evidence and political realities in a way that makes a new and compelling case for a national paid family and medical leave program, as well as fairer wages and affordable child care.

I was extremely moved when I watched The Raising of America, and I am proud that the National Partnership’s own senior advisor, Judy Lichtman, is featured in the film along with other experts and working families. I’m certain that it has tremendous potential to start rich conversations and inspire the action we need to advance paid leave.

We saw evidence of this just this week, when people across the country came together for a national day of action. Thousands of #RaisingofAmerica tweets were sent, and thousands of National Partnership activists used and emails to tell their members of Congress to watch the film and pass a national paid family and medical leave program.

And this week’s actions were just the beginning. The film is available to stream online for free through November 30, and organizations, lawmakers and activists across the country are continuing to host screenings and community forums to discuss the challenges exposed by the film and the public policies – like paid leave – that are desperately needed.

As the holiday season kicks off and you spend time with your friends and families, I encourage you to join us in sharing The Raising of America. Discuss the issues the film raises and how public policies like paid family and medical leave would help (you can use this toolkit as a guide). Then take action by contacting your members of Congress.

Together, we can – and will – create the policy change America needs for a brighter future for all children and families.