| Jun 30, 2010

A heartfelt thanks to the honoree of this year’s National Partnership annual luncheon, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who inspired us with her comments on the future of health reform – and the many women in top positions who are working to implement it.

“Taken together, these reforms have the potential to give all American women more control over their health care,” Secretary Sebelius said in her keynote speech. “But to achieve this potential, we need to make sure we get these reforms right. That’s why I appreciate the work you’re doing through the Campaign for Better Care to organize advocates to push for a more effective health care system.”

We were also touched by a powerful story from artist and patient advocate Regina Holliday, who courageously shared her experiences with the health care system during the final months of her husband’s life.We extend our deep appreciation to the event’s emcee, WRC-TV anchor Eun Yang, as well as National Partnership Board Chair Ellen Malcolm, and approximately 1,000 supporters who helped make this year’s annual luncheon an incredible success.

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