Transforming Health Care to Achieve Equity

Centering Consumer Priorities in Value-Based Payment Reform

August 2023
Choosing Health Equity


The foundation of how health care is paid for is being rewritten right now. The current financial incentives of our health care system are failing patients, families, and communities – especially those most impacted by inequitable health outcomes. To get better results for all of us, we need to change health care’s fundamental payment structures to support transforming health care delivery that places equity and the needs of people and families at the center.

Value-based payment (VBP) has the potential to support and incentivize care delivery that advances health equity, including the potential to drive readily accessible, culturally-responsive, respectful, and team-based care. While past attempts to implement VBP have fallen short of this goal, we have seen more promise in recent efforts, like those from the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation. The National Partnership has released a primer to highlight the potential promise and peril of VBP and to call on our partners to use this window of opportunity to leverage value-based payment to build a high-quality, equitable health care system that puts patients and communities first.

Download the full primer “Transforming Health Care to Achieve Equity: Centering Consumer Priorities in Value-Based Payment Reform.”

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