Trust in our Democracy

by | Nov 3, 2020 | Other

Election day is finally here and election protection teams are standing by across the nation to help you exercise your right to vote free from intimidation.

If you have questions before voting ends, if you have problems voting, or if you see others’ right to vote being suppressed, please call the election protection hotline and you’ll be connected to a nonpartisan trained volunteer who can help. For democracy to work, everyone must have access to vote.

866-OUR-VOTE = English hotline
888-VE-Y-VOTA = Spanish hotline
888-API-VOTE = Asian & Pacific languages hotline
844-YALLA-US = Arabic language hotline

Here at the National Partnership we know that democracy can get messy, and that it can take time. Every vote counts so it is vital that our nation takes the time to count every vote. From Hawai’i to Maine, Texas to Alaska. And it wouldn’t be the first time — or even the fifth — that we didn’t have a clear presidential winner by midnight.

A record 100 million people voted before Election Day began — even in the midst of a pandemic, despite deliberate and blatant attempts to suppress voters. Counting those votes will take time — days, maybe even weeks — but that’s how democracy works.

We have a responsibility to uphold and uplift our democracy. So while we wait for votes to come in and be counted, take a moment to post a voting selfie on Twitter and Instagram. Don’t forget to tag @NPWF and include a message about making sure every vote counts. Find inspiration here, here and here.