We Must Show Up For Black Women and Families

by | Feb 1, 2019 | Paid Leave

As we begin 2019 Black History Month, we must renew our commitment to fighting for Black women and families and remember the reality that people of color are uniquely harmed by race discrimination and this harm is exacerbated for women of color by gender discrimination. We must commit to centering our work on people and families of color in order to address all aspects of the racism that permeate our society.

Last year Kerry Washington said it best when she spoke at the National Partnership Annual Gala by saying we must “show up for each other”.

This commitment looks like listening to and learning from people of color. It is standing up against policies that would hurt Black families, and advocating for legislation to support Black communities.

We recognize that the gender wage gap is exacerbated by race discrimination and we must fight for inclusive fair pay legislation.

We pledge to examine why Black women are three to four times more likely to experience a pregnancy related death than white women, and then champion policies that would address the health inequities in this country.

We know that families of color are hurt by racial disparities in access to wealth that’s compounded by lack of access to paid family and medical leave. We promise to keep fighting for a nationwide paid leave program that lifts up families of color.

Here at the National Partnership for Women & Families we are dedicated to showing up for Black women and families. We stand ready to be allies, and fight against the systematic racism that persists in our country.