A Shameful Day In Our Nation’s History

by | Oct 9, 2018 | Supreme Court and Judicial Nominations

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On Saturday, a slim majority of U.S. Senators turned their backs on America’s women — and on workers, people of color, immigrants, the LGBTQ community, and people with disabilities.

With that vote, Senators told everyone who has ever been — or will ever be — exploited or discriminated against that you don’t deserve justice and the courts won’t be on your side.

They told tens of millions of survivors of sexual violence and assault that their truth doesn’t matter. Their pain doesn’t matter. They don’t matter.

They failed in one of the Senate’s most essential duties by putting a nominee who is unfit in every possible way onto the Supreme Court.

What the Senate did is the antithesis of our country’s values and it will affect us for generations.It was a shameful day in our nation’s history.

But it was also the moment when the resistance was galvanized and strengthened even further. All those in Congress — in the administration and the state houses — who have ignored women and turned their backs on our right to a secure and safe future should know that we will not forget. We will not be quiet and we will not go back.

What happens next is up to us. We won’t let senators who are captive to special interests take away our health coverage and our right to contraceptive and abortion care. We won’t accept more tax cuts that pour trillions into the pockets of the ultra-wealthy at the expense of working families. We won’t accept President Trump’s ugly, bigoted, xenophobic agenda.

We are demanding that every woman be treated with dignity and respect. We’re standing up for equal opportunity and demanding that this country be fair and just for all of us.

We intend to protect access to abortion and affordable health care, and demand equality in our schools and workplaces. We refuse to be denied in our fight for genuine economic opportunity, fairness and justice for everyone.

We are ready to write the next chapter in our country’s history — and that starts in a just few weeks when we go to the polls.