And Kagan Makes Three!

by | Aug 5, 2010 | Supreme Court and Judicial Nominations

I am thrilled that the Senate has confirmed Elena Kagan to serve on the Supreme Court. This is an important milestone in our journey toward equal rights for women – and our nation will be stronger as a result.

Elena Kagan will be a superb justice. Her presence on our highest court will maintain and strengthen our nation’s commitment to equal justice and privacy, and to fairness for women, people of color, workers, seniors and every person who may face discrimination.

When she is sworn in, for the first time in history, three women will serve together on our highest court. This confirmation brings us closer to the day when it is no longer surprising to see a woman on the Supreme Court or in other positions of power.

I want to thank every Senator who voted to confirm Elena Kagan, and President Obama for appointing her. This is a historic moment for our nation.