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Find a Doula

  • Birth Works: Find a Doula is an online directory of doulas by state.
  • Childbirth International’s Find a Doula service allows you to search for doulas as well as childbirth educators, breastfeeding support, birth/newborn photographers and more.
  • Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association’s Find a Childbirth Professional online directory lists CAPPA members who choose to be listed. You can also call the toll-free number (888-548-3672) or contact to get referrals for doulas not listed in the online directory.
  • DONA International’s Find a Doula function (look for the search box on the far left side) is an online directory of DONA-certified doulas who choose to be listed online. You can also contact to get names of doulas who are not included in the online directory.
  • Doula Match lets you search for doulas and childbirth classes.
  • toLabor provides an online directory of certified professional birth doulas.
  • This list of volunteer doula programs can connect you with hospital- and community-based programs that match volunteer doulas with women who cannot afford to pay for private doula services.

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