Don’t let right-wing extremists speak for you

| Oct 4, 2023

Right-wing extremists are so obsessed with sending women back to the dark ages that they are now attacking the commonsense Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, a bipartisan law that took effect in June and provides workplace protections so people can safely work while pregnant.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the federal agency tasked with enforcing these new civil rights protections, is requesting public comments through October 10th on its proposed implementation rule to ensure meaningful protections for pregnant workers.

Despite the proposed rule’s bipartisan support, one radical group has already mobilized nearly 40,000 comments – many laced with extremist anti-abortion rhetoric – in an attempt to restrict workplace protections for pregnant people and let employers impose their religious beliefs on employees who seek or obtain abortion care.

And pregnant workers aren’t asking for much. They want the right to work safely while pregnant, including the most basic human needs like the ability to go to the bathroom, sit down, or drink water. And they want the right to be accommodated for all of their pregnancy- and childbirth related needs – including needs relating to abortion.

These right-wing extremists will use each and every opportunity to try to control women’s bodily autonomy. That’s why it’s so important that the EEOC hears from you – right now – to protect the basic rights of the estimated three million people who work while pregnant each year.

Tell the EEOC you support workplace protections for pregnancy, childbirth, and related medical conditions.

It is simply outrageous that too many Americans have to make the impossible choice of a healthy pregnancy or keeping their job.

The Pregnant Worker’s Fairness Act ensures that pregnant workers who need reasonable accommodations can receive them and continue to do their jobs. It’s a vital step in ending pregnancy discrimination, promoting healthy pregnancies, and protecting the economic security of pregnant women and their families.

We know that for right-wing extremists, it has never been about the health of a mom and her baby. It has always been about controlling our bodies and limiting our freedom. It’s plain as day when they are trying to prevent basic protections for pregnant people at work.

Don’t let the right wing speak for you.

Act now to tell the EEOC that you support strong protections for pregnant workers.