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Right now, healthcare provider institutions of all types – from hospital systems to independent women’s health clinics – have a pivotal opportunity to combat the maternal health crisis that has been generations in the making. Raising the Bar for Maternal Health Equity and Excellence is a practical guide designed to support institutions in creating a tailored approach to providing high-quality care tailored to the needs of individual birthing families.

By focusing on PROVIDING high-quality whole-person care, EMPLOYING and supporting a diverse workforce, PARTNERING with the communities most impacted, and ADVOCATING for and investing in maternal health equity, we can achieve the ultimate goal of better and more equitable care, experiences, and outcomes for everyone. Read the full report.

“All health care providers can greatly benefit from an effective roadmap designed to reduce inequities and improve maternal health experiences and outcomes.”

— Jeff Micklos, Executive Director,
Health Care Transformation Task Force

Getting Started

Resources for Providing Whole-Person Maternal Healthcare

Resources to Employ and Support a Diverse Maternal Health Workforce

Resources for Partnering with Communities to Advance Maternal Health Equity

Resources for Advocating for Policies to Achieve Maternal Health Equity

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About this Project

This guidance builds on the framework developed through Raising the Bar: Healthcare's Transforming Role, to address the unique needs of maternal health. The project is based on recommendations that span the four specific roles that healthcare institutions play: care provider, employer, community partner, and policy advocate. Developed through a robust, multisectoral process, this guidance provides a roadmap for healthcare provider institutions to reduce inequities and improve maternal healthcare, experiences, and outcomes. Learn more.

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