Hey NASCAR Parents, Paid Leave Is the Pit Stop You Need to Keep Your Families Racing

by | Sep 17, 2021 | Paid Leave

As women and families in the U.S. continue to navigate the “new normal” — sending children back to school, more of the workforce returning to in-person workspaces, and caregiving responsibilities continuing to increase — the priority of our health and safety remains critical. Paid family and medical leave is an indispensable benefit that all working people need and deserve.

That’s why we’ve connected with fans who are following the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series, to tell them about paid leave and ask them to share their stories — good and bad — about paid leave in their lives.

The urgency of implementing #PaidLeaveForAll is no longer a debate — 2020 showed us how much of our workforce and employers were ill-prepared to handle large changes in our working environment. Staying safe, caring for our loved ones, keeping our jobs, and finding time to take care of ourselves remains a delicate balance. Particularly for people in essential roles, not having access to paid leave benefits means having to choose between their family and their paycheck.

And without a national, comprehensive paid leave policy, the cost of inaction is far higher, thanks to the uniquely disproportionate burdens that lost wages have on women. When women lose wages, so does our economy. And it costs us $650 billion per year.

The Ways and Means Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives recently conducted crucial discussions on the Build Back Better Act, and for the first time in history, considered paid leave first. This is proof that even our lawmakers realize the benefits of the policy to support our workers.

To learn more about paid leave and the protections that all working parents and persons deserve, visit The National Partnership is also collecting stories from around the country to tell our leaders why we want paid leave now. Support the fight for paid leave and share your story with us.