Maryland Senate Makes History

by | Mar 16, 2017 | Paid Sick Days

Today, by a vote of 29 to 18, the Maryland Senate approved the Healthy Working Families Act, which would establish a paid sick days standard for the state and help approximately 750,000 hardworking Marylanders who currently cannot earn a single hour of paid sick time. This is the closest Maryland has come to joining the nearly 40 jurisdictions across the country – including Montgomery County, Md. – with paid sick days laws, making it a historic advance.

The Healthy Working Families Act would allow Maryland workers to earn one hour of job-protected sick time for every 30 hours worked. For businesses employing 15 or more employees, that time would be paid. Accrued time could be used to recover from illness, get preventive care, seek assistance related to domestic violence or sexual assault, or care for a sick family member.

Legislators must now act swiftly to advance this bill. And Gov. Hogan should show he understands the needs and demands of Maryland workers and families by signing it when it gets to his desk.

Congratulations to the Working Matters coalition for its tireless efforts to win paid sick days in Maryland! Stay tuned for additional updates.