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A Disgrace: For the 56th Time, the House of Representatives Puts Politics Ahead of the Interests of Women, Families and the Country by Voting to Repeal the ACA

“Anyone who hoped the newly elected House of Representatives would be serious about governing and abandon time-wasting, petty politics had their hopes dashed today when the House voted, for the 56th time, to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Today’s vote was counter to the interests of women, families and the nation. It was, quite simply, a disgrace.

The ACA is the greatest advance for women’s health in a generation. It has given millions of people access to health coverage and care, strengthened our health care system, made preventive services more affordable, outlawed gender discrimination in pricing, allowed people with pre-existing conditions to get health coverage, removed caps on benefits, improved care coordination, and improved women’s health.

Yet House leaders continue to waste time on repeal votes that would take all that away — votes that will have no impact, because this bill will never become law.

It is past time to end the partisan posturing and get down to the business of governing. The House should pass legislation to make our workplaces more fair and family friendly, raise wages, support the middle class, strengthen the safety net, and continue making our health care system more patient- and family-centered.”

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