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“A Matter of Basic Fairness,” Schedules That Work Act Would Provide Much-Needed Predictability and Financial Stability for Workers, Businesses and Our Economy

“The Schedules That Work Act introduced today by Senators Tom Harkin (D – Iowa) and Elizabeth Warren (D – Mass.) and Representatives George Miller (D – Calif.) and Rosa DeLauro (D – Conn.) is a critically important bill that would address the unpredictable and all-too-common employer scheduling practices that leave many workers unable to make ends meet and provide for their families. We urge every member of Congress to support this legislation, which is a matter of basic fairness for workers and is good for the nation.

Across the country today, millions of workers receive no advance notice of their schedules or the number of hours they are expected to work. Some are required to call to find out if they are scheduled to work each morning – and have no guarantee of work, pay, or that they won’t be sent home early if they do travel to their workplace. These practices mean that workers, especially women and those paid low wages, are left with significant uncertainty about whether they will be able to pay for basic expenses, meet family and caregiving responsibilities, or pursue educational and job training opportunities. It is a harmful and unnecessary situation.

By giving workers more control over their schedules, encouraging employers to be clear about scheduling and hours expectations, and ensuring employers provide some wages when schedules are irregular or change on short notice, the Schedules That Work Act would provide much-needed predictability and financial stability for workers, businesses and our economy. The bill would go a long way toward helping people meet the dual demands of job and family while promoting economic security and opportunity.”

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