Press Statement
A Weak and Divisive President With an Agenda the Country Rejects

“On every issue that matters to America’s families, President Trump offered the country an agenda tonight that would weaken and divide us and terribly harm the state of our union. From health care to immigration to abortion care to the economy, we heard more of the same divisive policies that led to the longest government shutdown in our country’s history.

This president’s lip service about unity and the rise of women in our country rings hollow after two years of his administration and his allies in Congress relentlessly trying to take away the health care and abortion coverage we need. In reality, this president has reduced the number of people with health coverage, incessantly attacked our access to contraceptive and abortion care, imposed heartless immigration and asylum policies, and weakened workplace protections.

The paid leave program President Trump mentioned tonight would cover parental-leave only, meaning it would fail the 75 percent of workers who need paid leave to care for an ailing loved one or address their own serious health issue and it would do nothing to help the parents of Grace, the young cancer survivor the president invited as his guest tonight. Real paid leave should be available to all working people, for all serious family and medical needs, wherever they live or work, or the job they hold.

Despite his rhetoric, Trump’s real health care agenda would decimate protections for women and families with pre-existing conditions and do away with the coverage for maternity benefits, preventive care, mental health care, substance abuse treatment and other services women depend on.

His extreme anti-abortion policies would put women’s health and lives at grave risk. President Trump wants to strip women of our dignity, autonomy and basic rights and freedoms. Using the State of the Union address to pander to anti-choice extremists with heinous lies and distortions to shore up his base is simply disgraceful.

The country is counting on the most diverse, most female and most progressive House of Representatives in history to prioritize the health, safety and well-being of women and especially women of color. The National Partnership will fight President Trump’s agenda and work tirelessly for progress and equality until:

  • Everyone has freedom from wage and employment discrimination and the ability to live in a safe and healthy environment;
  • Women can decide whether and when to become a parent or grow our families, free of shame or stigma;
  • All workers have paid leave to care for loved ones and themselves, and caregivers are supported at home and work; and
  • Quality health care and affordable, comprehensive health coverage are available to all.

We deserve a president who unites our country and has an unwavering commitment to equality, fairness and justice. President Trump showed yet again tonight that he is not that president.”

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