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Andrew Puzder’s Withdrawal is ‘A Testament to the Power and Persistence of America’s Women and Workers,’ Women’s Leader Says

“Andrew Puzder’s withdrawal from consideration for labor secretary is a testament to the power and persistence of women and working people in this country. We commend senators for finally coming together in a bipartisan way to question his appalling record of hostility toward women, disregard for and devaluation of workers, and contempt for our nation’s labor laws. This is a major victory for America’s workers spearheaded by a strong, broad-based coalition that will continue to scrutinize and challenge the administration’s anti-woman and anti-worker agenda.

America’s women and workers need a labor secretary who will protect and advance – rather than undermine – their rights, and who will defend hard-fought protections that are central to the health and economic well-being of workers and their families. The Trump administration must recognize that discrimination has no place in our nation’s workplaces, that all jobs should pay a living wage, that people should be able to meet the dual demands of job and family, and that every woman and worker should be treated with dignity and respect.

We urge the administration to nominate – and members of Congress to demand – a new labor secretary who will better address the needs of workers and respect the U.S. Department of Labor’s mission to protect and advance the rights of working people and their families. That means someone who recognizes that workers, businesses and our economy benefit from policies that promote fair and family friendly workplaces, such as paid sick days, paid family and medical leave, and stronger wage and hour protections. The country needs and deserves nothing less.”

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