Press Statement
Attacks on Abortion Care are Attacks on Women’s Freedom and Autonomy

For far too long, anti-abortion politicians have slowly but significantly cut away at our right to abortion access, making it practically out of reach and meaningless for so many, especially young people, people of color, and other marginalized communities. That was already beyond the pale. Recently, though, abortion opponents have doubled-down on their true end-game, passing ban after outright ban — in Alabama, Missouri, Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky, Mississippi. Bans before a person could even know if they’re pregnant. Bans at any and every point in pregnancy. Bans that attack our equality, our dignity, our very humanity.


To the activists in states across the South and Midwest working your hearts out to fight against these laws — we see you, we are in awe of your persistence, and we will never turn our backs on you.

To the 7 in 10 people in this country who believe in the right to abortion — now is the time to act. Join your local abortion fund. Support the providers in your state. Run for office. Raise your voice to say loudly with us: this will not continue on our watch.

To the anti-abortion politicians who push your misogyny, devalue our lives, and try to drag us back to the dark ages — come after us at your own peril. Women are a force in this country and we will not stand by as you try to turn our democracy into a dystopia.

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