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Black and Brown Voters Make the Difference as Millions of Americans Turn Out in Show of Democracy

“Voters have had the final say, and our message is clear. We strongly and adamantly reject the incompetent and dangerous leadership of the last four years. During a global pandemic and following a summer of action around racial justice, Americans turned out in enormous numbers to vote for democracy, justice and equity. It didn’t happen by chance. This outcome is due in large part to organizations on the ground led by Black women who did the grueling work of defending democracy and turning out the vote. Black people in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan made the difference along with Latinx and Asian communities in Nevada, and Native people in Arizona. These extraordinary grassroots efforts combined with national, legal and community-based advocacy helped make today a reality. We are grateful for them and for the tireless and careful work of the election officials who counted every vote.

“Yet today’s outcome cannot be fully understood without acknowledging that too many in our electorate voted for a candidate who has proven over the last four years to be divisive, racist and undemocratic. That truth has rightfully angered all of us who continue to fight for a country that rights the wrongs of our history and stamps out systemic discrimination. This election is just the first step in the work of rebuilding our nation.

“Voters are counting on this new administration and Congress to prioritize the needs of the American people and address our most immediate threat: COVID19. Women have borne the brunt of this pandemic, with millions of them losing their jobs in what is now being referred to as a “she-cession,” a phrase coined by C. Nicole Mason, president and chief executive of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research. Additionally, essential workers, who are disproportionately women of color, have been left without paid family and medical leave and face limited access to high-quality, affordable childcare. We are committed to doing the work of holding our new leaders accountable to address these issues in a meaningful way that provides relief for the people they have been elected to serve.

“Despite what some political leaders may say, this process worked the way democracy intended. Today’s results show us that the will of the people will prevail. Our voices and our votes will not be suppressed and we are stronger than any one politician who may attempt to thwart us. With a renewed spirit, we look forward to working together with this administration to create a country in which all people and all communities can thrive.”

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