Press Statement
Confirmation Hearing Showcases Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Record of Achievement

“We are nearing the halfway mark in Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation hearings this week and Judge Jackson has consistently and gracefully demonstrated that she is steady, deliberate, capable, and fully prepared to take on the role of Supreme Court associate justice. The breadth of the support shown to her these last two days proves that she enjoys the respect of people from all walks of life, across the legal community and political spectrum. That record of lifelong achievement and devotion to the rule of law is the reason she has been confirmed three times by the US Senate – and it is the reason that she should be confirmed again.

“Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was brilliant during her first day of questioning and it has been powerful and emotional to watch these historic proceedings.  She was thoughtful, compelling, dignified, and calm in the face of blatant distortions of her record.  Republicans largely stuck to their expected playbook, often complaining about hot button issues that were completely unrelated to Judge Jackson’s actual work.   Indeed, the dignity that she brought to the hearing, surrounded by her family and loved ones, stood in stark contrast to the antics of some Republican senators on the committee. They chose to recite a litany of past grievances, complete with revisionist stories about past nomination battles, along with an obsessive focus on critical race theory that included a critique of children’s books, a “soft on crime” narrative devoid of facts, complaints about the political leanings of some but not all of her supporters, and a variety of Republican talking points.

“We remain hopeful and optimistic that Judge Jackson will ultimately be confirmed to the Supreme Court.”

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