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Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro Accepts Petitions, “Get Well Soon” Gift Baskets from Leading Work/Family Advocate

On behalf of tens of thousands of people across the country, National Partnership for Women & Families President Debra L. Ness joined leaders from the Healthy Families Act Coalition this afternoon to deliver petitions and thanks to Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) for fighting to give all workers paid sick days.

The original co-sponsor of the Healthy Families Act in the House of Representatives, Congresswoman DeLauro accepted nearly 35,000 signatures, collected in a few short weeks, on petitions urging Congress to pass the Healthy Families Act right away. In addition, she accepted “Get Well Soon” tissue packets donated by supporters of the Healthy Families Act.

“Everyone gets sick, but not everyone has time to get better,” Ness said. “That’s why America needs the Healthy Families Act. In a nation that values families, no worker should have to choose between caring for a sick child or family member, and losing a day’s pay or even a job.  We’re here to thank Congresswoman DeLauro for fighting to put our family values to work by giving paid sick days to all workers.”

Early next week the National Partnership will hand deliver gift baskets, each filled with seven tissue packets representing the seven paid sick days the legislation would provide, and copies of the petitions to all 49 members of the House Committee on Education and Labor.

Nearly half of private sector employees in the U.S. and three in four low-wage workers do not have even one day of paid sick leave. 94 million workers cannot use their paid sick days to care for sick children. The Healthy Families Act would require employers with 15 or more workers to provide seven paid sick days that workers can use to care for their own and their families’ medical needs.

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