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Women’s Leader Says D.C. Medicaid Abortion Coverage Ban Demonstrates “Callous Disregard” for Women’s Health

“The House Appropriations Committee demonstrated callous disregard for the health of D.C. women and a complete lack of respect for the sovereignty of the District of Columbia in voting for this ban on coverage for abortion care for low-income women. This dangerous policy rider has no place in a piece of legislation that’s purpose is to fund the government, not enact major policy.

Restricting the District of Columbia from using its own funds to pay for abortion care for the women enrolled in the D.C. Medicaid program will make it more difficult for a woman with few resources to access the health care that she, in consultation with her doctor, decides is best for her. A woman’s access to health care should not be restricted just because she is low-income. Lawmakers should be working to enact policies to make it easier for the most vulnerable women in our communities to access the full range of reproductive health care services, not harder.

House leadership should not allow this spending bill to come to the floor with this dangerous policy included. If it does, the House should reject it.”

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