Press Statement
Democracy in Action as Millions of Americans Exercise their Right to Vote During a Pandemic

“As we wait for each vote to be counted, we are encouraged by the millions of Americans who have turned out to have their voices heard during this election season, breaking early voting records in many states despite obstacles caused by the coronavirus pandemic and voter suppression tactics like long wait times and limited polling locations. Our democracy is alive and vibrant. We are seeing proof of it as our state boards of elections take the time to count every vote.

“Despite what some politicians may say, we remain confident in the integrity of our electoral system. Millions of Americans are risking their lives to serve as election judges, poll workers and ballot counters in the midst of a global pandemic. We are grateful for their service and remain patient and steadfast in our commitment to making sure democracy works for every single voter. We are inspired by the work of local organizations, many led by Black women, who have been instrumental in coordinating voter protection efforts and, in many states, were the force behind record voter turnout.

“As we wait for more results to roll in, we’re celebrating victories in Colorado where voters blocked a 22-week abortion ban, protecting reproductive freedoms for birthing people, and voted yes to implement paid family and medical leave statewide in a huge win for working families struggling under the weight of the pandemic. These outcomes further indicate that Americans have risen to the occasion and deserve to have every vote counted.

“No one person can decide the outcome of this election, regardless of his or her position. The voters always have the final say. This is the people’s government, and I am confident that with both diligence and patience, the will of the people will prevail.”

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