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“Fixing Our Broken Health Care System Begins Now,” Women’s Leader Says

“Today, with the stroke of his pen, President Obama put the finishing touches on long overdue changes that can make America’s health care system more affordable, more accessible, more efficient, more centered on patients, and more fair for those who for too long suffered discrimination in insurance and disparities in care. With Congress finally clearing the last legislative hurdle and the President signing the reconciliation package into law, the work to reform our broken health care system begins.

Today is, in fact, a beginning. The hard work of making reform a reality now rests with President Obama, Secretary Sebelius and the states. Now they must establish rules so that no person is denied coverage or care because of gender, age, health status, income or employment; so people who are sick can focus on getting well instead of worrying that they will lose their coverage; and so patients and their caregivers can count on more coordinated care.

Now, with this phase of the work done and implementation about to begin, we call on
Congress to reverse the anti-choice provisions in this law, and render the President’s Executive Order null and void. This advance must not come at the expense of women’s health.

This law gives us the building blocks to create a health care system that works. Fixing our broken health care system begins now.”

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