Press Statement
Forty-Six Years Later, Opponents Continue to Fight Roe v. Wade

“It has been forty-six years since the right to have an abortion was affirmed by the nation’s Supreme Court, yet in 2019 that right remains out of reach for far too many. People who want to access abortion care face hurdles in every direction; from state laws that aim to shut down local clinics and providers; to federal laws that restrict Medicaid funding for abortion; to the anti-abortion movement, which uses anti-science fear-mongering to block care; to a conservative Supreme Court that stands poised to gut Roe v. Wade. These attitudes and policies run directly counter to public opinion, which firmly supports the right to access reproductive health care.

Our movement remains undaunted. The fight for reproductive health, rights and justice is a diverse movement representing women of all races, ethnicities, religious and economic backgrounds. We are fighting under one umbrella for better wages, paid leave, access to health care, the right to be free from sexual violence and the ability to make our own decisions about what kind of life we want to lead.

We recently elected the most diverse, most female and most pro-choice Congress in our nation’s history. This gives us hope for the future. We stand ready to work with these members and other leaders around the country to ensure that women are free to decide if, when and whether they want to start or grow their family.”

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