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New Employer Guide Is A ‘Blueprint’ for Gender Equity in Workplace

Recommendations in “Partnership in Action” would help women return to work

WASHINGTON, D.C. – December 7, 2022 – Today, the National Partnership for Women & Families released a new guide on gender equity in the workplace which the organization hopes will serve as a blueprint for employers looking to promote and implement equitable policies at their companies. Titled “Partnership in Action,” the guide provides recommendations that would also help women, especially women of color, return to and stay in the labor force.

The policies within the guide would give working families the supports necessary to achieve balance at work and at home. It includes policy issues that the National Partnership has historically worked on and that voters showed up for in the recent elections – such as equal pay and protections against pregnancy discrimination, as well as paid leave – which the organization has advocated for across almost three decades.

“From our nation’s leaders to everyday women going to work, the vast majority of Americans support measures to increase equity for workers,” said Sharita Gruberg, VP for economic justice at the National Partnership for Women & Families. “While an anti-worker minority continues to block big bold action in Congress in support of workers and families, employers know that these policies are good for business and can’t afford to wait for Congress. This guide is here to help.”

The guide is also meant to help employers go beyond simply adopting on paper the eight key policies laid out within it. As Vasu Reddy, senior policy counsel for economic justice and the guide’s author writes, “companies must be thoughtful and equitable about how these policies are conveyed, administered and encouraged.”

“Partnership in Action: An Employer Guide to Building Gender Equity in the Workplace” is available as a resource on the National Partnership for Women & Families’ website. The project comes following two years of research and analysis – and was funded by a grant from Ascend at the Aspen Institute.

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