Press Statement
“Good News for Women’s Health from the Obama Administration”

We applaud the Obama administration’s unwavering support for implementing the Affordable Care Act in ways that will ensure women have access to basic preventive care, including contraception. That is a fundamental promise of reform, and a critical advance for women’s health.

The political and legal opposition to coverage for contraception has been shameful. Birth control results in fewer unintended pregnancies, healthier women and babies, and stronger families. It is essential to improving women’s health and our ability to participate equally in society.

No woman should be denied access to birth control because of where she works. Most women have coverage for birth control now. It would be a travesty if a law designed to improve coverage and care instead resulted in women losing coverage they already have.

We look forward to examining and commenting on the proposed rule and helping ensure that, when it is implemented, the women who are affected will have simple and seamless access to contraceptive coverage without co-pays or added costs.

It’s time for opponents of women’s reproductive choice to stop politicizing women’s health. Birth control is basic health care for women and a fundamental part of the promise of reform.”

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