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House Republicans’ Latest Health Proposal is ‘Full of Broken Promises and Deceptive Rhetoric,’ Ness Says

“Despite House Republicans’ false claims, their latest proposal to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) makes the horrendous American Health Care Act even worse. Their outline of a proposed amendment guts the essential health benefits (EHB) and pushes health care out of reach for millions with pre-existing conditions – an especially devastating blow for women in this country.

This latest attempt to repeal the ACA is full of broken promises and deceptive rhetoric. While President Trump and leaders in Congress promised to protect health coverage for those with pre-existing conditions, this new plan undermines this critically important and wildly popular ACA provision.

Attacking EHB and coverage of pre-existing conditions places women’s health at dire risk. These damaging provisions could leave millions of women without affordable access to coverage of essential health services, such as maternity care, prescription drugs and mental health care.

The House Republicans’ plan would take us back to a time when women would once again struggle to find affordable health care coverage that meets their needs, an all-too-common reality before the ACA. This latest proposal does nothing to fix a deeply flawed bill that would cause 24 million people to lose coverage, raise costs for millions more, deny millions of people access to life-saving care at Planned Parenthood and dismantle Medicaid.

This plan is yet another assault on women’s access to health, equity and economic security.”

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