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House Republicans’ Repeal Bill is ‘an Affront to Women and Families,’ Ness Says

“House Republicans’ Affordable Care Act (ACA) repeal bill would wreak havoc on our health care system by making health coverage more expensive and inadequate for millions of women and families. The shroud of secrecy surrounding the Republicans’ process and their attempt to sneak through a bill that would have such a devastating impact, without allowing anyone to review it, is shameful.

Now that the bill has been revealed, it is clear why Republicans didn’t want people to see it. Their proposal radically overhauls and cuts Medicaid while simultaneously gutting the ACA by repealing financial assistance for low-income families and making it harder for people to afford coverage. It also defunds Planned Parenthood from the Medicaid program, denying 2.5 million people access to essential health care.

The proposal jeopardizes the Essential Health Benefits (EHB) standard for our nation’s most vulnerable. The EHB standard is a groundbreaking advance for women’s access to quality insurance coverage.

Moreover, the Republican bill interferes with women’s ability to make health care decisions by making abortion coverage inaccessible. It would harshen and expand already harmful abortion coverage restrictions, denying women the ability to access the care they need.

The Republican repeal bill is an affront to women and families. It reflects its authors’ determination to deny women access to quality, affordable health care, including the comprehensive reproductive health care and abortion services that are essential to their health, equality and economic security.

This bill takes us back to the days when there were few benefit standards or consumer protections in place – to a time when insurers were the ones who decided what and who they would cover, what doctors we could see, and where we could get care.

We demand an open and transparent process that enables the public to see what’s really in these plans and how it will affect their health and wellbeing. Right now, this Congress seems hell bent on taking health coverage away from tens of millions of people, increasing health care costs for working people, and destroying Medicaid. Our country’s women and families deserve better.

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