Press Statement
How Low Can He Go?

“President Trump’s decision, announced last night, to end the cost-sharing reduction payments that make accessing health care affordable for millions of people is just the latest in an escalating series of outrageous actions that are destabilizing the health insurance marketplace and sabotaging the coverage that millions of people rely on.

This latest action is a dagger aimed directly at vulnerable low and middle-income women and families. Its impact will be heartbreaking; it will drive up costs, create chaos, harm health and take lives.

There is absolutely no reason the Trump administration cannot continue making these essential payments. This is a petulant act by a president whose agenda has been rejected by the public and Congress. The Affordable Care Act is the greatest advance for women’s health in a generation, yet President Trump is hell-bent on destroying it in order to appease his base.

Every day this president is in office, there are reasons to ask how low he will go. This is certainly one of his basest, most harmful actions to date and it threatens the health and economic security of millions of families. Congress has no more urgent imperative than to work in a bipartisan way to appropriate these funds and to use every tool at its disposal to force the administration to continue making the cost-sharing reduction payments that millions need.”

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